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Most web pages are not Google friendly!

Did you know, the majority of web pages we are asked to assess prior to setting up an SEO campaign, are not Google ready! File names, alt tags, title tags, hyperlinks missing, no site maps, no analytics – are just a few we regularly come across when we put together our FREE SEO report.

The biggest offenders are the low cost or franchised web design re-sellers like Yell and Wix. They simply do not attend to the small details, mainly because it takes a bit of time to do correctly.

Google is very fickle about the minor details and without them it can be detrimental.

Since 2015 Google also insist on web pages being mobile friendly (responsive), without this feature not only will Google penalises you, over 50% of the browsing populous will also be negative towards an unfriendly design on their mobile device!

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