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SEO Company Dover

SEO Company Dover

Looking for a Company that provides services in SEO Dover? Go Top SEO are here to help any Dover businesses looking for advice on how to get to the first page of Google and to get to the top and stay there.

Dover is a highly competitive area for web based businesses. Google lists over 10 million results for the search ‘Builders in Dover’, that’s not to say there are over 10 million builders in the area but Google is indicating there are a large number of businesses using these keywords. From our experience that is above average for a town the size of Dover.

Here at GoTopSEO we research keyword phrases and issue a report about your website and how well it is doing, as part of that report we also check the competition and what they are doing with regards to SEO Dover and the surrounding area.

So in this example, if you are a Dover based building company and floundering on page 8 of a Google search results page, we would enhance web page content to raise the profile to page 1. This in turn would create more web traffic, enquiries and sales.

We estimate that for a builder, one converted same would on average pay for the entire years SEO campaign management!

Reports form the basis for keyword phrase use and pricing so the client can see what they are getting, where their campaign is going and how much it will cost.

Fortunately Dover is unique in name and geographical location, this is important for targeted geographical area campaign management.

We also find a lot of trades would prefer to work in just the Dover area to keep overheads down but their website does not perform well against other websites using the same search terms. This competition is probably caused by your competitiors depth of content, age of site, SEO layout, linking and many more on page attributes we look at.

GoTopSEO can change your business profile on Google and report back with monthly reports showing your Google position

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